Hard of Hearing People of Nepal enjoying dignified life in an equitable society.(समतामूलक समाजमा सुस्त श्रवण भएका व्यक्तिहरुको स्वाभीमानी जीवन)


To organise and build capacity of hard of hearing people so that they are empowered to claim and utilize their rights.(सुस्त श्रवण भएका व्यक्तिहरुलार्इ संगठित गर्दै उनीहरुलार्इ आफ्ना अधिकार प्राप्ति र उपभोग गर्नका लागि शसक्त बनाउने)


  • To raise awareness in the community so as to ensure respect and positive attitude for hard of hearing persons.
  • To strive at making the hard of hearing persons skilled, productive and self-reliant.
  • To work towards identifying the causes of hearing impairment and take necessary measures for control, prevention and cure of the hearing loss.
  • To carry out activities for promotion of welfare of the hard of hearing persons.

Legal Status

NAHOH has been duly registered with the District Administration Office in Kathmandu (Registration No. DAO 266/053/54 on 16th Oct.1996) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Affiliation No. SWC 4852/053/54 on 28th Oct. 1996). It is affiliated with the International Federation of the Hard of Hearing (IFHOH) since 2015 and has obtained membership of HRTMCC (Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Center) in 2016.

Values of NAHOH

  • Commitment: NAHOH deeply believes in self-help and is fully committed to promote and follow it.
  • Transparency and Honesty: NAHOH believes in acting with honesty and maintaining transparency in providing services and managing relationship.
  • Morality:Create environment and process for mutual help to achieve self-reliance.
  • Participation: Promote and develop equal opportunity to hard of hearing persons.
  • Equality:Treat people with fairness and impartiality without any bias based on their political or religious belief, caste or gender, and
  • Accountability:Strive for and maintain quality and excellence in performance and conduct.

Goals of NAHOH

  • NAHOH seeks to improve the socio-economic condition of hard of hearing people by increasing access to rights and services.
  • Protection and promotion of rights, interests and welfare of the hard of hearing people at all levels in the society.
  • Enhance ability of hard of hearing people to use the basic life skills, professional competencies and their innate potential for sustaining a productive life and making equal contributions.
  • Mobilization of Institutional and other resources at the local, national and international levels towards the sustained enhancement of the life and the work of the hard of hearing people.
  • Improve Organizational capacity of NAHOH for serving the target beneficiaries continuously.

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