Status & Sources


  • Public awareness program
  • Survey for data collection of the hard of hearing and disabled people
  • Provide medical and surgical treatment as well as hearing aids for rehabilitation of the hard of hearing people.
  • Exchange of idea and experience with national and international organization.
  • Skill development (vocational) training

Problem faced

  • Financial problem
  • Lack of its own office
  • Lack of public awareness
  • Lack of government support
  • Lack of education and training
  • Communication problem
  • Traditional concept among parents and community
  • Difficulty in getting hearing aids and community
  • Lack of hearing aids repair

Financial Sources

  • Life membership, Membership fee.
  • We are looking for the support from national, international agencies, participating organization, well wishers a other individuals worldwide.

Your support to the NAHOH

We need partners, supporters and well-wishers to carry out our welfare activities and provide services to more hard of hearing people in Nepal. We are looking for your genuine help to establish a comprehensive training institute, provide maximum educational opportunities, establish a placement unit for providing more job opportunities, initiate hard of hearing programs, launch income generating projects for the sustainability of NAHOH, etc. Besides this, we need other various kinds of support to our activities to provide regular services to hard of hearing people like volunteering human resources for organization development and project management, donation of assisting devices (e.g. Audiometer, computer, ear examination instruments, hearing aids, battery, medicine and other related equipments for the hard of hearing people. Any other form of support is most heartily welcome.

Your small contribution may change the social status of hard of hearing people in Nepal.

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