Major Activities of NAHOH

1.Activities accomplished under ongoing partnership with MyRight, Nepal (2015-2017)

  • Training on UNCRPD to 55 hard of hearing(hoh) people.
  • Nepali Sign Language training to 24 hoh and 9 family members of hoh.
  • Organizational capacity development trainings to Board - Advocacy Training,staff Management training, Leadership & public speaking training,IT training,Study Circle leadership training.
  • Study Circle Awareness program to 32 hoh and 3 hoh parents with awareness Videos.
  • Interaction program on issues,needs and rights of hoh targeting local authorities.
  • Press meet organized in 2016 with the list of demands and situation of hoh in Nepal.
  • Meeting with different government authorities from Parliament, Ministry of Education, Tribhuwan University, Hospital, Municipality and Women Committee. Also letter to Ministry of Women, children and Social welfare submitted with the list of arrangement government should undertake for improving the situation of hoh in Nepal.

2.Free Mobile ear camps

  • 750 persons examined, 40 persons operated and 10 hearing aids distributed (Sept.21-27, 2002)
  • 650 persons examined, 43 persons operated and 15 hearing aids distributed (Oct. 11-17, 2003)
  • 715 persons examined, 45 persons ear operated. (Apr.16-21, 2005)

3.Primary Ear Care Services

NAHOH runs ear examination and treatment everyday. Average, 5-10 patients are benefited from the Center per day. Many patients have got ear examination and treatment services from this center. The record reveals most of patient suffering by compact wax, fungus infection, otitis media with effusion, otitis externa, chronic suppurative otitis media, sensory neural hearing impaired. Out of total patients, children have found out compact wax, fungus infection otitis externa (wound inside ear canal), discharge whereas perforation of tympanic member, continuous discharge and sensory neural hearing impaired are found with young people. A large number of old age patients have found deafness by causing of aging factors. Medical treatment does not recover hearing power unless and until use of hearing aid. A sophisticated hearing power testing audiometry is also availed at the Center.

4.Mobile Ear Clinic

NAHOH conducts school based mobile ear clinic twice a month. The ear examination and treatment is undergone by Otology Assistant. Besides, an audiometrician also goes with to test hearing power at same clinic spot those who complained hearing impaired. This clinic is jointly run in community with the support local organizations and institutions too. Hundreds of students have got examination and treatment services via mobile ear clinic at school till date.

5.Awareness Programs

NAHOH emphasize to aware students and community people to take precaution and care of ear diseases. Because of increasing hearing loss day to day with negligence and occurred traditional treatment. Therefore, awareness program gets high priority to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing disability. NAHOH has produced different posters, leaflets to generate precaution against the ear disease for illiterate people as well as students. Altogether awareness programs were carried out 8 times in communities which ware attended enthusiastically by a lot of people.

6.Activities undertaken under NADH/LBH project

  • Two batches of the six-month Nepali sign language class were completed.
  • Public awareness activities, Training to 20 hoh people on candle making,15 hoh people on white chalk making,Literacy training to 12 hoh people
  • Survey in 4 VDC's of Kirtipur (hard of hearing and disable).
  • Free ear camps held thrice - 969 persons examined, distribution of 139 hearing aids to hard of hearing people (IMPACT Nepal and Nepal Ear Foundation).

Activities Planned

The following are the NAHOH's activitiees which could be conducted in co-ordination with concerned authorities.

  • Develop a sense of unity, goodwill, co-operation and fraternity among the hard of hearing persons.
  • Organize meetings and seminars on hard of hearing with participation of guardians and social workers and conduct studies, surveys and even researches and bring out reports and other publications on various aspects relating to hard of hearing.
  • Organize activities of entertainment and intellectual development like holding of educational, cultural, literacy and sports and establishment of libraries to ensure physical as well as mental development of the hard of hearing persons.
  • Provide employment-oriented education to the hard of hearing and help them find employment.
  • Launch awareness campaigns so as to dispel the prevailing negative social attitude towards the hard of hearing.
  • Develop relations with national as well as international organization of similar interests and promote partnership and co-operation as well as exchange experiences and views.
  • Institute a revolving fund and strive for providing hearing aids to the poor hard of hearing.
  • Publish posters, pamphlets and carry out awareness activities and even seek help of various mass media to highlight the issues of hard of hearing.
  • Conduct periodical surveys in various parts of the country and collect data relating to the hard of hearing.
  • Take initiative for arrange programs for welfare of the hard of hearing.
  • Implement other activities for promotion of welfare of the hard of hearing.

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